Monday, January 24, 2011

Neighborhood Photo Game

Bug - Al

Bug - Ry

Palm Tree - Ry

Palm Tree - Al

Door - Al

Door - Ry

Thai - Al

Thai - Ry

Food - Ry

Food - Al

Water - Al

Water - Ry

Flower - Ry, quite the color, not photoshopped

Flower - Al

Bird - Al, false bird of paradise

Bird - Ry, in flight above the column

Gecko - Al, we played this game mid-day when hot & geckos are hiding, couldn't find any, but very, very often they are running around house & in places like these toy ones are

Gecko - Ry, geckos love windowsills

Pool - Ry, another smile with intertube eyes

Pool - Al, as one of our rules required only the girls snap photos, I was the lucky one here 

Awoke Sunday to a grumpy morning. Everybody tired from hosting sleepovers both Fri & Sat, Rob traveling last week and this, me in tears because we need family time but kids glued to computers... and where are we going to live in 8 months? 

Rob to the rescue, came up with a photo game. Al & me & her new Christmas camera vs. Rob & Ry. We took matching list of 10 subjects and set out to the neighborhood to snap. Came home for judging (pretty much a tie) and then watched The Goonies. Saved our day. It's now 5:53am Monday, and Rob's already been gone an hour on his way to Singapore. So begins another week.

(A few more photo contenders from yesterday.)

Gecko - Ry

Food - Ry, these are growing in our back yard

Thai - Al