Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

nearing Kamchatka
8 hours down with 4 to go
we toast a new year

(My mind is still thinking in simple haiku, my apologies.)

This year we flew by Russia as our calendar turned the page. Departing GRR at 7am on NYE and arriving BKK at 10pm on NYD, we were in transit during all the festivities everywhere. But flight attendants came around with trays of drinks just minutes before crossing the Dateline, so we were covered. Mostly covered with sleeping girls sprawled all over us, but that's okay. This is the year we gain a teenager... soon enough we'll be wondering where she is on that night, so we didn't mind her feet in our face.

Another big year ahead of us, besides the teenage thing. Rob's Thai contract wraps up in September and soon we need to make decisions about staying on for a third Thai year. He is loving his work here, the Thai auto industry is humming along beautifully, and in many respects this is a great place for us to be. It will be the question of the hour for the next month or so... stay tuned.

Girls are beginning a new school this Monday morning, another difficult choice.  Much about previous school will be missed, like FANtastic teachers, staff & families. There are pros & cons to the very small school environment, however, and a larger school with more opportunities may prove beneficial to our little ladies, particularly if we stay for year #3. They are extremely excited and feeling good about the change, for which we are grateful. They can both study French again, Allie can resume violin, and Ry will have fun growing her hobby of a British accent (Regents is a British school where kids walk down corridors, boys wear trousers, and you wear a jumper instead of sweater if air con is too high). If interested in spying their new realm, check out

Happy New Year!