Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Saturday

The chem lab that is our kitchen... orange shortbread, and Kraft's finest

Since we can't snowboard Thailand, perhaps kite board? Rob had first surfing lesson in Bali last month & would love to do more, but no big waves here so surfing is less common in Thailand.

This guy was totally ripped, we might need to get to the gym and fix my shoulder before we attempt.

Looks like fun

Doing his own arm workout

Girls had a brilliant first week at new school, smiling big, making friends, studying new (Allie's dissecting a pig's heart today) and old (nice to hear French around the house once again, makes me smile). 

We all went to the sea Saturday evening to unwind. Had dinner together on bean bags at tables in the sand. Twas so nice. 

Rob then flew off Sunday for the week. Malaysia & China. Singapore next week. He had to have more pages added to his passport a couple weeks ago. This adventure is a priceless gift for us all, but last night while Ry was reading poems to Rob for 5 quick minutes over phone (after accidentally hanging up on him twice, after he had called a couple other times, but she was off to play with friends), I couldn't help but think on the things we are missing, because they are numerous. And dear. And treasures, even if simple.