Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Memorable Monday

Dead ahead, Koh Rin... about 1:45 boat ride each way from mainland

Rob holidayed Monday & Tuesday this week for a Thai observance... Happy Visakha Bucha Day. Girls still had school both days, so on Monday morn we waved goodbye to the bus, called our driver, and scooted to the pier for day of sun & snorkeling in the sea. This is the first time in our 2 years here that the stars have aligned with this kind of gift of a day. Rob had worked the previous 28 days straight since we returned from China, so he was sort of due. Me too. 

I saw my first sea turtle (2 foot diameter) and found along the ocean floor an inspiring color combo that I now plan to use in our front entrance back home in the woods. After return to life there, I hope to recall the day we spontaneously jumped in the car, grabbed a boat, and swam with a sea turtle.