Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey There

Cobra found last month in a neighborhood about 300m away 

Gruesome guy... they propped him up for the photo.

Crummy couple of weeks here. Allie's had painful toenail issues. Ry & I had a weekend stay at the hospital to recover from a nasty klebsiella bacteria. My heart aches for Japan. I said goodbye yesterday to a Japanese friend whose Thai chapter has closed. Rob's work load grows along with job uncertainties related to Japan's earthquake distress. And there's another cobra on the loose, this one in our own walled neighborhood.

But things are looking up for us. Toes are healing well and Al's on an island class trip this week. Ry & I returned from hospital last week Monday night with a renewed appreciation for real food. Hospital fish broth is wretched to a queasy, Western stomach, but we did score an ocean view from our shared hospital room. On the work front, we are grateful Rob has plenty of work to do in varied places, just need to reassess our future goals respective to tsunami torn Japan. And our hero gardeners have extensively groomed back the garden, lining it with fresh "snake powder." Our neighborhood cobra is supposedly another big one, easier to spot than the Bronx Zoo baby cobra that recently got away. I see this as another positive for us.

Temperatures have been refreshing past few days, too. Unusually cool nightly 70's, yet we do still run the air con. I shiver here now on the patio in jeans, long sleeves, wet hair... feels fantastic and I even put on socks. Ry's swim practice today was cancelled because it was "too cold." Ha, not so hard core here.

Next week we go to China for family time at the Great Wall. Spring Break can't come soon enough.