Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Khao Yai

My Time in Khao Yai - by Riley Mei

When I went to Khao Yai the first thing I did was have lunch. Then, we all explored termite mounds and grassy areas, but didn't see any termites, only their habitat. We also saw 2 rabbit holes that were very deep for extra protection from animals and heat. And 2 huge deer, 1 male and 1 female. After that we went up to our dormitory. Lucky me! I got the top bunk! I set up my nooks & crannies and other space. We then explored some more. I found pretty flowers on mini ferns that close up. They were pink white and red. They felt so fuzzy! After that, we ate dinner. I had rice and chicken. After dinner, we loaded up onto the mini busses and went to the bat caves. Abishack was fooling around and not aloud to go to the night safari. Then this HUGE cloud of bats flew out of the caves! It was like a big, black fast cloud coming by! They came out to hunt for bugs. Each bat is estimated to eat 10 grams of bugs each night, that's 2 tons of bugs each night for this cave of bats! After that, we went back to go to night safari. We packed into baht busses and saw 1,000,000,000 deer, peacock/rooster, makak (small monkey), ferret, owl, and butterfuly. When we got back we changed clothes brushed teeth and slept. It was a big day! Good night, everyone chorused. I said quiet! Tee Hee everyone giggled! ZZZ... morning! Everyone bellowed. We got dressed and ate toast. Pack up! 2 hour hike now! I brought a water bottle, sunscreen, money and carmax. We thought we would die but we didn't. Along the way we saw tropical fruit and ones like rambutan, only they were green but they were spiky and had a colorful pit inside like rambutan. We also saw big buttress roots. They are huge roots to enormous trees.  They stick out of the ground and can provide shelter for animals when they are hollowed out. We also saw a wild elephant drinking water, and a deer, and more monkeys. We then packed up ate lunch and went home. That was my trip to Khao Yai!